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Industrial Data Processing Suite

Universal data interface for connecting automation solutions to your project.


The heart of our software is the collection of data from a wide variety of sources. Among other things from databases or from OPC (DA and UA) servers. These data are collected in a local data memory for further processing.


The recorded data can then be processed as required with a flow script. The scripts are based on the programming languages Pascal, C++ or VBS. This makes it possible, for example, to control simple mappings as well as complex processes.


In the simplest case, the read-in data can be written unchanged to another machine. Alternatively, the data can be modified and then distributed to multiple destinations, or the captured data can be written to a database for logging.

Access OPC data for your accounting

No problem: Save machine data that you retrieve e.g. via Modbus TCP, OPC or Weihenstephan in a MySQL database and evaluate it afterwards via your BI system.

Determine the machine counters for your production planning

Supply your production planning with current figures and cross-manufacturer data simply and individually.

Collect and log error messages

With our software it is no problem to collect the current errors from the most diverse devices and machines and to react to them. With our individually programmable sequence scripts it is possible to react automatically to the most different incidents.